O Clitoral Pleasure Gel

O Clitoral Pleasure Gel has been the most popular stimulating gel for women.

Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Sexual Dissatisfaction or dysfunction is defined as a loss of interest in sex and/or an inability to become aroused or achieve orgasm during sex.
The Facts:

  • At least 43% of women suffer from some type of sexual dysfunction
  • Most commonly occurs in premenopausal women ages 25-50
  • Doctors often tell women that if they can’t have an orgasm it’s psychosomatic
  • Long-term medical diseases, minor ailments, medications and
    psychosocial difficulties are factors that can impact a woman’s
    ability to achieve orgasm
  • Often linked to depression and/or physical pain


Possible Solutions for Sexual Dysfunction

  1. Encourage communication during sexual activity between partners
  2. Use self-pleasuring to discover what feels good
  3. Encourage fantasy
  4. Practice pelvic muscle contractions and relaxation
  5. To encourage relaxation, add background music, share a sensualmassage and/or enjoy a warm bath
  6. Experiment with toys
  7. Talk to your doctor

O’Gel is very cost effective, with 40 – 50 applications available in each 14 ml tube.

Wholesaler Product Information

This product is available in a 24 unit display. Each tube contains 14 ml of gel, enough gel for 40 to 50 applications. Due to popular demand we are continuing to produce the O Clitoral Pleasure Gel 1 ml sampler packs.

Product: Item Number:

  • O Pleasure Gel 14 ml
    w/pop-up Sales Display: 5101
  • O Pleasure Gel 1 ml
    Matchbook Counter Display: 5102